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IoT Weekend Hackathon

23 janvier 2016 @ 10 h 00 min - 24 janvier 2016 @ 17 h 00 min

EUROPE’S LARGEST IoT hackathon January 23-24

When people talk about “the next big thing”, they’re never thinking big enough. It’s not for a lack of imagination; it’s for a lack of opportunity – we rarely have the time and resources to work on something awesome. That’s why FIXME is organizing one of the first and largest Internet of Things hackathons in Europe – come build a wireless light or build a connected rocket ship, there are no restrictions on where your imagination can take you!

Are you a hacker? A student? Engineer? Maker? Expert? Noob? Or just curious about IoT?

Come join us and 100 other hackers on the 23-24 of January at FIXME to build the future Internet of Things, during a software and hardware hackathon – you’ll have access to a fully equipped workshop with laser cutters, soldering irons, CNC machines, 3d printers, and much more. Everyone with a sincere and passionate desire to make something awesome is welcome!


IoT will not only impact how we live, but also how we work. 2016 is poised to be the year when we finally start to see real life applications used broadly in both consumer and industrial applications. However, many existing IoT products are either poorly designed, too expensive, or don’t do anything that is practical and useful. That’s why we’re organizing a hackathon.

Register here to participate in the biggest IoT Hackathon in Europe, with access to a makerspace, experts and hardware.


Début :
23 janvier 2016 @ 10 h 00 min
Fin :
24 janvier 2016 @ 17 h 00 min
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