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Fantastique article de Cory Doctorow sur @eff

Il explore comment faire face aux incessantes dérives des plateformes, tels les #gafam, et comment garantir un future à #internet, en replaçant le pouvoir entre les mains des utilisateurs. Bonne lecture. Commentez si vous voulez qte j’en fasse une traduction en français.


Extraits :

A life cycle of decay

Platforms follow a predictable lifecycle: first, they offer their end-users a good deal. Early Facebook users got a feed consisting solely of updates from the people they cared about, and promises of privacy. Early Google searchers got result screens filled with Google’s best guess at what they were searching for, not ads. Amazon once made it easy to find the product you were looking for, without making you wade through five screens’ worth of “sponsored” results. 

End-to-end principle

The End-to-End Principle is a bedrock idea underpinning the internet, the idea that the role of a network is to reliably deliver data from willing senders to willing receivers. This idea has taken on many guises over the decades since it was formalized in 1981. 

Right of exit

Plenty of people don’t like big platforms but feel they can’t leave.

Time for action

For decades, failures in tech regulation have been blamed on technology’s speed and regulation’s slowness—we’re told that regulators just can’t keep up with tech.

But tech regulation doesn’t have to be slow. Some proposed tech regulations—like rules requiring platforms to provide full explanations for content moderation and account suspension decisions, or to prevent bullying and harassment—will always be slow, because they are “fact-intensive.” 

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